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We at Caballero Logistics, LLC understand that communication is the cornerstone of every successful business-to-business partnership. We'll spend time at the start of every project learning about your logistical requirements and how we can best assist you in meeting them. Not only that, but we recognize that you want a dependable logistics partner so that you may concentrate on your main business activities.

Our Services

Step Deck Trucking SERVICES Bakersfield
Is the height of your loads restrictive for a flatbed trailer? Your freight will be transported safely, securely, and on schedule with our skilled step-deck trucking services.

Flat Bed Trucking SERVICES Bakersfield
Navigate the challenging open deck capacity with us, avoid market uncertainties, and boost your on-time delivery. Caballero Logistics, LLC, uses high-quality flatbed carriers and experience to supply quickly to your convenience and boost reliability.

Reefer Trucking SERVICES Bakersfield
Our fleet of reefers is meticulously maintained and ready to transport any dry, cold, or frozen item you require. Caballero Logistics, LLC has all of your refrigerated needs covered from coast to coast. For peace of mind on your next shipment, give us a call or send us an email now!

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